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This inversion of trend has a symbol: the return of the Golden Eagle which nests on the mountain. A zoologist or the lover may make interesting observations in this field./english_etna09.jpg (34512 byte)
Among the amphibians,
they may find green frogs and common toads as well as reptiles such as common turtles, green lizards, rattle-snakes, snakes, Elaphe Situla, Aesculapian-snaks and vipers.
In the sky they may observe sparrow- hawks, buzzards, kestrels and peregrine falcons, barn owls, scop-owls, tawny owls and common owls, wood pigeons and some rare rock partridges. They may also observe herons, ducks and some aquatic birds in the Gurrida lake district, the only expans
e of open water existing on the Mount Etna. They can see a wide range of sparrows. Among the mammals they may meet hedgehogs and Suncus Etruscus, rabbits and hares, dormice, Eliomys Quercinus and porcupines.
Among carnivorous mammals it will not be difficult to meet foxes, weasels and occasionally some wild cats. Last but not least, a fantastic multiform and coloured universe of insects and of other arthropods: butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, bees (the production of honey is very important), spiders etc. with their fundamental and irreplaceable role in the ecological system.
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