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La Provincia di Catania

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Organization (4914 byte) Means of Transport (5331 byte)
What is 'APT, detailed presentation of all regional tourist organizations and of Catania travel agencies How to get to Catania Province real time up to date departures and arrivals timetables of planes, trains, ships, Hydrofoilds and suburban buses.
Staying in the Province (5459 byte)  Meeting Areas  (5167 byte)
Fares application rules - Introduction and fares of : Hotels - Tourist Hotel Residences - Holiday Houses - Land lords - Refuges -  Camps - Agritourism. You will find out that our province has modern and excellent structures for the organization of any kind of meetings, conferences and events.
Places to be visited (5331 byte) Events and Shows (5271 byte)
Museums - Monuments and Churches - Archaeology - Baroque - Historical centres - Crafts manship - Tradition and cooking.
The nature
: the Etna, the coasts and the sea, the protected Oases.
All the most important shows and events and a weekly guide on what is going on whitin the Province.
Touristic Routes (5194 byte) Guestbook
Some charning proposals of Catania Province colourful and rich territory. In order to leave your mark in our site as well as to receive (if you want the latest information on any event within our Province.
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An useful guide which makes you find out, in our site, all the information you need. The research engine for a quick selection of a specific argument.


Provincial Tourism Board of Catania
E-mail : [email protected]

Tourist information offices
Catania : D. Cimarosa, 10 - 95124 - Tel. +39 95 7306211
Catania : Stazione Centrale FF.SS. - 95129 - Tel. +39 95 7306255
Catania : Aeroporto Civile Fontanarossa - 95121 - Tel. +39 95 7306266


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